Sensitive Sounds by


Music addict? No, that doesn't quite capture it.

By nature in need of bashing beats, melody monsters, hectic hi hats hysteria, flowering frequencies and beautiful breaks are more suitable to portray Shayam.

Ever since he popped out of the womb into this three dimensional place called Earth, he has been inhaling and absorbing inspiration out of life, to ultimately transform his enthusiasm into this magical thing we experience as music.

Music is by far his biggest passion. Sharing this passion with others and the world, that's what it's all about. With that intention, electronic dance music can't stay away for long.

Shayam lives and breathes dance music. He has years of experience in music, from playing in famous Amsterdam clubs such as the renowned Club AIR to extended producing skills.

Leaning towards the bright side of life, prepare to be charged with his positive vibes! Feedback is always much appreciated, so drop your comments anytime.

Enjoy and take care!